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“Our biggest hesitation with switching insurance companies was making sure that the new coverage was at or better than our current coverage and that Capstone was not just giving us a low quote to get our account. This was not at all what we experienced when we came on board with Capstone. They took the time to dissect our current coverage and also show us the additional coverage in their standard proposal. Capstone made sure we understood every aspect of our plan and showed us areas we lacked in our current plan. Now that we have been a customer for 3 years,  they have decreased our bottom dollar and a have customized plan to fit our business needs.”


Ben, Atkins Lumber Company Inc.

“Our previous agent had insured our property and business for the past 25 years. Why change something that appears to be working? Patrick was telling me he was offering better coverage at a substantial savings. Too good to be true? We made the change to Capstone and 6 days into our new policy we had a claim due to a heavy rainstorm. We would not have been covered under our previous policy. Everything Patrick promised came to fruition and we were fully covered.”


 Jon, Roder Enterprises, LLC. & BL Services, Inc.

“I talked to my previous agent about one time a year-when it was time to renew the policy. Contrast that with Patrick. I have his direct number and I think he has only missed my call one time. He is always there to take my call and doesn't hide behind a receptionist. When our business lost power, Patrick offered to bring down his spare generator to help us salvage some of our freezer items. I guarantee that you won’t find that level of customer service anywhere else.”


David, The Depot Express

“I had no fears in switching insurance agencies!  Patrick Scheetz and his staff have always answered my questions and requests without hesitation. I would highly recommend anyone to turn to Capstone Insurance Agency for their knowledge, diligence and dedication to their clients.  You could not ask for more in someone looking out for your interests in your business.”


Al and Sondra Farrington with American Baking Systems

Happy family